Complaint: I was a long term tenant of M. Scott properties for 6 years. They collected a $1600 security deposit. Upon my move-out, I made sure the dwelling was immaculate! I even power washed all the windows, and went above and beyond to insure the place was sparkling clean. On the 30th day (after vacating) I was shocked to receive an accounting of my deposit! They charged me for spraying round-up,($125) weed removal and cleaning.($200). Very strange that as other posters wrote “it was a yard service that charged for the cleaning as well””…. They also charged me full replacement value for carpeting a very small bedroom. The carpet was 10 years old. To boot

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Address: the supposedly weed removal was done nearly 3 weeks after I moved out at the height of weed season. Let me also say that the landscaping was done improperly (all rock) with no weed block put down. It was a constant struggle maintaining the weeds. Please…Please…Please… if you rent from them

Website: I am taking them to small claims court. They will not allow you to be present during the walk-thru as well!!! I was smart enought to take pictures of every inch of that place and have them enlarged! The cleaning bill charged me for “”cleaning refrig”” HA!!!! Wait until the judge sees the pictures! The floors are even shining in the pictures! The windows are squeaky clean

Phone: be prepared not to get a dime of your deposit back. I have relocated