On 2/19/15 my wife and I went to Mac Haik Dodge looking for a truck to tow our trailer with. They did not have one in stock so we left. The next day we got a call from them and they told us they now had a truck that would work for us. We went in and bought the truck. On my way home I noticed a little driveline chatter so I called them the next day about it and they said they had no complaint about this problem but to bring it in and they would check it out. After several trips to several dealers, Chrysler decided that this was normal and would not fix it. I have literally owned hundreds of vehicles and none have ever had this problem. I even rented a trailer to show them the problem but the sales people refused to ride with me. I suspect they already knew about this problem but didn’t care as their goal was to sell without any regard to honesty. I guess to punish me for complaining, they never applied for my title and when I went to confront them I was told to leave their deal

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