In December I purchased an Machspeed 128mb MP3 player from eCost. The price was $49 with a $40 rebate. When I received the player I downloaded the rebate form and was surprised to see that the form stated that the rebate must be postmarked within 10 days of the “purchase.”” Not shipping date or delivery date. T nhe form required that you enter the serial number but did not describe how to locate this number even though the form was specific for this particular MP3 player. The serial number is apparently one of four microscopic numbers on two paper labels under the battery. One of the numbers on my unit is almost completely hidden under the body of the player because the label was applied askew before the unit was assembled. nAlthough Machspeed requires customers to submit their rebate request within 10 days of purchase

they advise customers that they must wait 14 weeks before even asking if their rebate was ever received. This is very different from many reputable companies that advise you by email when they receive your request or at least allow you to determine


that the request has been received. nTo me

one of the very worst aspects of this company is the holier than thou stance of the CEO