Complaint: My client keeps fowarding me Mails from the CEO of this business that are lies trying to convince her to toss her PC and buy a Mac with his software. It seems he decided to go into business making software for the Mac and now must have a shortage of clients as these eMails he sends out are full of scare tactics. They are VERY dishonest.. As a result of this dishonesty and out right trickery I personally will never do business with this man. I suggest you watch out for him as well… Some claims he has made. Judge for yourself… He sent out an eMail days after the Petya with a big skull and crossbones meant to scare you. “the email account provided to those infected is closed

Tags: Computer Software

Address: therefore there is no way to pay the ransom and regain access.”” ^^ Untrue… there are already tools out there that can be used to decrypt the files for free. “”it has spread to other countries such as the US.”” ^^ Yes

Website: it doesnu2019t sound like you can just patch Windows to withstand Petya”” ^^ Outright Lie… Micorsoft released a patch or a way to fix the vulnerability in March

Phone: but under 50 computers as of yesterday. They are trying to scare you. “”If you have Windows PCs in your office