Complaint: Christmas is a very hard time for kids to be alone. Especially, if they are left under the care of the very man who had abused them physically and continues to torment them emotionally. Loneliness can make children feel like they do not belong in the world.Michael Roberts had been FOUNDED to have abused his children and also refused to pay child support for years leaving them and their mother to struggle at times financially. Roberts finally gained custody of the children and has separated them in a diabolical plan to better control his young daughter. Noah, had always been the protector of his sister. Michael Roberts of Rexxfield and Mile2 in planned attack to now abuse his children and ex-wife emotionally has blocked all communications, letters, and phone calls between the children and their mother. Therefore, I will start to publish the nearly 200 letters to Noah and Mason Roberts from their mother Tracey Richter as requested from their grandmother Anna. The original letters have been scanned and are attached to the report, equally I will rewrite the letters in the report to make certain Noah and Mason can clearly read the letters. Dear Noah and Mae,Kids day is on Dec 15th from 9-3:30 It is a very special day with handmade stockinggs, presents & a fun party. Please come. Love Mommy Dear Mae,I’ve tried calling & writing both you & Noah so many times. I miss you both so much and love you even more. Did you get any of my letters, Christmas cards or presents? It breaks my heart to be away from you & Noah. Its been 6 months since we cuddled last and several since we spoke last. I wish I was there to know everything you have been doing I wish I could hold you & tell you how much I love & believe in you & your brother. Please have hope that the truth will prevail & we will be together again. You are my precious sweet girl.Russ sent me some of your artwork. I look at it everyday. Everynight I cry myself to sleep and try to imagine cuddling up to you after reading one of your favorite stories about the Mommy and Baby animals. When we are back together, I don’t want to ever spend another night away from you until its time for you to go to college. Please tell Noah that I love him & believe in him too. He is such a good hearted boy. He just needs someone who understands him. Help keep Noah safe & out of trouble. He needs you more than ever. Don’t give up HOPE. Mommy loves you & will fight to bring our family back together. I will never give up or quit because “MOMMY LOVE”” lasts forver & ever. Love

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Address: Mommy. ———————————————————————————————————-Miss Mason or do you prefer Mae? Your mother is innocence and I have completed an investigation to prove it (click here to read investigation). Michael your father had abused not only your mother but yourself

Website: I am truly sorry this has happened to your family. It might be hard to understand now

Phone: noah and burt (see video here) what he and Heidi have been doing know is called emotional abuse by seperating you and Noah from the only family you have known. Your father was diagnosed as Bipolar II. And according to Michael’s own medical history his father in Australia suffers from the same mental illness. I am publishing some of your Mother’s letters to you and Noah so you know the truth. Anytime you want to visit you Mom