I flew intodallas texaslast friday where these guys are locatedto visit a president of a marketing company called maestro personal assistance and the guy in sheep clothes named Adam alfia) remember that name. Being targeted by a bunch of scum like this i certainlythought i was bullet proof cuse im powerful in my own right. Believe me people, if i had known outscam already hada bunchof crap on these bozosi wouldn’t have got involved, what a joke and im stupid> i will tell you if you are an apartment management company. | A restaurant chain, a boating company, an employer, an asi member, travel co, or any other related type service run( adam alfia) think of al copone and this is the guy never trust con man> | I found out all the people answering the phones were his friends ha ha on me, the phones werent even hot Silly boy i am ). I have been had by the best ,thes guys are great i almost want to kick in my $200,000k for entertainment Not) anyway please dont be misinformed this company is bad and connected to people like world ventures which changed their name to rovia up in plano. Serious back ground issues with the principals over there at that travel co, they won’t even take my calls and we just foundout they lowered the monthly cash that maestros could take from them and not give services to members of the organization fearing an audit from the state. What constitutes a scam adam alfia with maestros and world ventures now rovia look out america. No service no employees they will steal your money dont do business with these guys run run run


  • Name: Maestro Technologies, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Edison
  • Address: 510 Thornall Street, Suite #375
  • Phone: (908) 458-8600
  • Website: www.maestro.com/