I took my vehicle to be serviced for a coolant leak/overheating and I asked them to check on the brake light warning on the dash. I was told a couple things that need to be repaired totaling $1440 including the brake light issue. A couple days later I was told the vehicle was ready. I went to pick up the vehicle not only was it not repaired but the brake warning light was still on and the owner still attempted to collect for that work that wasn’t completed. | I left the vehicle for them to address the leak/overheating issue and not address the brakes. A week later I was again told the vehicle was repaired. I went to pick the vehicle up and it overheated before I even left the property. They pulled it back in and made some adjustments and I continued home. About 2 miles from my place the vehicle again overheated. I called the owner and he said to pull over and let the car cool down and call him back. | I did such, called him back and he never answered .y calls or text. After a couple if days of no response, I hired a master tech to come to my place to look over my vehicle. Immediately he asked me to record his observation. The original mechanic shop broke houses and plugged those broken hoses with screws and them attempted to bypass those hoses with some make shift fix. | I was not told about this and could have ruined my engine. I finally got in touch with the owner and he admitted to this ignorance and attempted to reason as to why they did that. The owner also admitted not changing out parts that he invoiced me for. I have audio recordings of all this and advised the owner of such. I have tried to give this shop the opportunity to right their wrong and he has blown me off. | I highly recommend people to stay away from this place. Every time I went to pick up my vehicle, there was 3-4 people fussing at the owner for bad work completed. The only reason I went to this shop was because a person recommended me to them and said they do good economical work. Worst ever…


  • Name: Magnificent Import Auto Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Decatur
  • Address: 6099 Covington Hwy
  • Phone: (404) 593-3321
  • Website: