Complaint: Stopped my children from going to old sitters house cuz I felt it was unsafe n they were trying to take over my family. My fiancee had lost his children to cps due to alleged abuse report made by his ex wife. He gave up after 3 years n didn’t go to court so they got him for abandonment. Since we got together almost 2 years ago. False allegations were being called into the state about my family. It was always dropped till now. Remind u we dealt with them 2 times before now. They cleared him to be around. Now old sitter went to children’s school saying they were being physically abused n had bruises. So as mandated reporters they called ddhhs. Rather then talking to my kids. They repeated what was told to them n told them how to get ahold of the old sitters. They claim children had fresh bruises n my 7 year old confessed to her what was going on. Mind you. My children hadn’t been around these people for over a month. I had no lights due to ex not paying child support n myself having medical problems so I was unable to work n fiancee played everything he could out of his disability n we could not get assistance anywhere. Had just started working prior but cmp wasn’t willing to do payments cuz of prior agreement being broke. Anyways. I have harassing messages from old sitters being upset bout not seeing my children thinking they were theirs or something that prove my children hadn’t been around them when they had these invisible bruises not to mention them always calling or showing up at my work when I wouldn’t answer my phone. Dhhs called me out of work n showed up at my home with 2 state troopers saying they interviewed my children n my children said my fiancee was abusing all of us n either I safety planned them somewhere temporarily or they were taking them. When I told Lisa Ellis I had no one to take them she suggested the old sitter or they were removing them. Needless to say. Lisa Ellis arranged for my children to stay with these things. I learned that in the audio interview of my children. My children said no such thing even though she was trying to force them too. They removed my children from a loving family n placed them with people who obviously have something wrong with them. I’ve provided evidence that children had not been around these people for them to be able to see bruises not to mention provided documentation showing I stopped my children from going there due to sitters boyfriend making very inappropriate remarks bout my 13 year olds breasts. There’s suppose to be by law repocussions for knowingly making false abuse reports but the state seems to cater to these people. Not to mention. Elizabeth Hardink told me if I ever wanted my children to come home then my fiancee couldn’t live with me n if I had anything to do with him at all they would take my children which is a violation of my constitutional rights. I’m severely worried for my children. My children had me promise to keep fighting for this man to be in their life. Now supposedly my children are saying he hurt them n my now 14 year old who they wouldn’t let me see her on her birthday is now cutting herself. I made a promise to my babies. Plus the court appointed lawyer never submitted any evidence on my behalf or any subpoenas I asked fforto the judge n still has not giving me all my discovery I’ve requested for several months or the audio interview of my children that proves the state lied. The state workers n these people that knowingly made false allegations need to be help responsible for their actions. Considering my oldest was forced to sit in a chair for over 2 hours at a desk trying to be forced to give her face book password which violates mine n her privacy. I Need help. My children are being emotionally abused n threatened.

Tags: Family Services

Address: Anthony ave Augusta, Maine USA

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