Our company was contacted by MFS to go to a local tire store because of a clogged drain. Once arriving, found that the sewer drain was now open, however,the owner said it happens several times a week. The technician determined that the sewer was backing up at the cleanout in parking lot (improper fittings). Returned to the shop and wrote out an estimate and submitted to MFS. MFS wanted a guarantee that the work proposed would fix the problem. The owner of plumbing company told them he would guarantee it only if the line was cameraed so the problem could be visually seen. | MFS sent an amended w.o. that stated “Please camera the line at this cleanout to confirm repairs are needed-please send Major Facility Solutions the video.” Our company videoed the cleanout and it was apparent that that a 2 way cleanout was needed. The owner of tire store saw the video, we then mailed the video certified to MFS. | They are now refusing to pay the bill, stating it doesn’t have digitial, audio or metering capabilities. If that was a requirement, we could have told them in them initially that our camera did not have those capabilities, if it were stated on the w.o. (See above for a direct quote from the order). | The problem has not been resolved at the tire store. They continue to have a clogged drain from time to time. The owner of the plumbing company has gone to the owner of the tire store and explained that while we would like to help him, we will not return until the current bills are paid and he understands. | All we want is the money owed to us, that MFS authorized and gave us a work order and p.o. number. The required signature was gotten, they now say they want a picture (after the fact) and want us to recamera the line. Why would MFS want another video if they didn’t like the first one. Just pay us what you owe us and we won’t have to ever deal with each other again.


  • Name: Major Facility Solutions
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Barberton
  • Address: 193 31st St SW
  • Phone: 330-861-0341
  • Website: www.majorfs.com/