This is what We wrote after faxing the car fact Sheet that stated the Sunroof & Camera. My spouse trusted the salesperson and so did I. However, I wanted them to take the car back. I felt the Finance person did not have any enough experience. The sales-person stated he was a minister and being christains we did not do the homework. My spouse being 80 years old and me 65 with on Medication decided to trust this individual. | This is the letter we wrote to the owner, the operations manager and the sales manage: | This company failed to contact or correct the fact that we are paying for something we did not receive. We are not asking for money we only want what the Car Fax Report – Sun roof, and camera. No after market just give us the car we purchases in 2013 Genesis certified with 34,000 plus miles another report said 37,000 miles.


  • Name: Malcolm Cunningham Hyundai
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Lilburn
  • Address: 4355 Stone Mountain Hwy
  • Phone: 770-972-1222
  • Website: