This company may do some interesting design work but they are mainly resellers of other people’s products, and charge a steep price for the privilege of buying from them. Even then, they can’t help overcharging their customers. At a recent trade show, they resold me another company’s product that I could have bought for 25% less online at MSRP (which in turn regularly discounts that MSRP by 25%). Then, they sold another of their own products to my friend for 25% more than is listed on their own website. Then they doubled the amount of tax they charged me, twice the state law. That’s fraud. When I discovered all this, I cancelled the charge, returned the items and bought one of the larger ticket items from the original manufacturer, for the discount off the MSRP, in other words, a 50% savings over what they charged me. Judging by the way they did business at the show, I would never purchase anything from them ever again.Then I had my assistant follow up to see what the address was for returns. First, they did not return her email. Then they hung up on her when she called.

19601 Happy Hollow Spicewood, Texas USA

(512) 582-0182

Smoke Shops