There is nothing good about this company. From not returning phone calls to not accepting faxes or emails. I really don’t think they want anything in writing. If you buy or sell they only deal with 1 person. When I bought my condo, it was an estate sale. MA would not answer any of my questions. I had to tell ask my Realtor, who asked the selling Realtor who asked the attorney who was handling the estate, who asked MA. Then the answer followed the route back. So a simple question be came a two or three day wait. When doing a renovation of my condo, MA took it upon themselves to go over the city permit approvals to point out things to have the permits rescinded. If your board is considering them, have them get a peek into their office. Good luck because almost no one is allowed back there. But if you do you’ll find it piled floor to ceiling with boxes of old records. I can go ob and on with other problems, Thank god our board has gotten rid of them. We are expecting a 10 to 15 thousand dollar savings due to extra fees they charge.


  • Name: Management Assist, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Fort Lauderdale
  • Address: 2626 E Commercial Blvd # 4
  • Phone: 954-772-7012
  • Website: