I am a hard working professional female News Producer with major networks as clients that takes great pride in my job and performance. I was provided a wonderful opportunity to move back home to California for to produce my own show and applied for an apartment in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood area. I was accepted and signed a lease agreement to move in a week later. I hired a mover that transported all of my belongings, forwarded all my mail including health insurance and business banking accounts, bought an airline ticket, and stayed in a hotel until my move in date. | The dispute arose upon scheduling meeting to exhange the pro-rate rent and keys prior to move in day. The realtor Walter Solo of Management Works Realty/Golden Foundation Realty whose offices are located in Palmdale, California and Pasadena, California only travels to Los Angeles twice a week in the mornings only during my business hours which made it impossible for me to meet him in person. | He stated I would need to meet him in person at the property on a Tuesday or Thursday before 2 p.m. so he did not have to drive back to Palmdale in traffic. I work 14 hour days and can not take off since I oversee all aspects of production of my new show. I asked to deposit the monies electronically and for him to leave the keys in a lock box once he received the funds which he had issue with, I offered to have my assistant bring the funds and get the keys from his office in Palmdale which was also turned down, I finally offered to have my assistant meet him at the property and he refused that as well. He stated he only wanted to meet me in person. He knew that I could only handle personal matters on weekends or evenings during the weekday which he was not willing to accomodate. | What makes this dispute outrageous is that he informed me that due to me taking priority of my job over meeting him in person he was cancelling our lease agreement leaving me with no place to stay after moving all my belogings out of state. I could not believe that he made issue with me being dedicated to my job when it was his unwillingness to work with me to arrange transfer of funds/keys, unprofessional tactics, non-traditional real estate business hours, and pracctices that created the issue. Upon further investigation I found out that tenants complained about him being rude, entering their units without notice, amoungst other sketchy behavior. | When he informed me he was cancelling the lease and would no longer accept any monies from me he then proceeded to cash a check I sent him to process the rental application. Now if you are not renting to me because I can’t meet you in the mornings while I am on set or in the field producing why are you taking my monies? He infomed me he would not respond to any further communications with me and blamed me for the reason the deal fell apart. | I am writing this report to make the public aware of his unsavory character and unprofessional behavior so noone else has to experience what I did which caused serious problems for me including lost wages, increase in expenses (hotel, travel, food), exteme stress/anxiety, and expense in storing all of my belongings which in Los Angeles is expensive. I would encourage anyone to stay far away from Walter Solo of Golden Foundation Realty, Management Works Realty, and Golden Foundation Global as they do not operate on a solid professional business commerce level and are sketchy, rude, and bias against working class professionals in the community. Plus all the dba’s they register is quite suspicous along with old offices and very few listings advertised on their sites which equals no client base and very low business revenue.


  • Name: Management Works Realty, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Palmdale
  • Address: Suite Q, 445 W Palmdale Blvd
  • Phone: 661-265-1031
  • Website: mmworks.org/