It all started in the beginning of 2011 when my husband talked about this”cool” chick that was on his team at work. At first I didn’t think anything of it, he just said that we should meet sometime because he thinks we would get along. It started to get suspicious when he would continually bring her up, and said she gave him good advice. He showed me pictures, and admitted to going to lunch with just her alone. I told him I was ok with him going to lunch with people, but a married man and a single woman does not look good. I started packing him a lunch and we started the drift apart. He started to get protective over his phone and was keeping a secret stash of money not in our joint bank account. || Finally, in mid-June of 2011, he convinced me to come to lunch with them both. Admittedly, she was nice and played the cool card but I could tell she liked my husband with the way she looked at him and how they interacted. I told him this afterwards, which was probably a big mistake. I told him I still wasn’t comfortable with the alone lunches, he agreed. She friended me on facebook and would talk to me on chat and comment on all my pictures, trying to play the friend card. || On July 5th he told me he thinks he was depressed and has feelings for her. He wanted to do counseling on her suggestion. We fought a lot that week and I ended up telling him to go ahead and tell her he has these feelings, because I was willing to bet she did too. BIG mistake. Of course she had the same feelings, and thus sparked their little emotional love affair. Even though we were still together, and sleeping with each other… she started sending him dirty pictures and texts. He started to tell me things like he was in love with her and didn’t think he was ever really in love with me. He wanted me to be the one to pull the trigger, so after a whole month of this – I told him to move in with a friend and that we would do a trial separation. || The DAY after he moved out, they both took off work and slept together. He immediately regretted it and told me he was wrong and that he couldn’t live without me. Shortly after, I agreed to try dating him again but that he wasn’t to come back home and we’d take it slow. He told me he didn’t feel romantically about her anymore, and that they were just friends now, and she was aware of this. We started counseling and we came to the conclusion that he needed to cut all ties with her. She responded with sending him love letters about them being soul-mates. When I found out they were still texting, I stopped talking to him for a month. || The whole separation lasted 3 months. He had to block her from facebook and his phone, and change positions at his work. She finally gave up. || I did end up forgiving him. We’re in a better place now but looking back, it still stings. There are still triggers and the anniversary gets to me every year. I still will never forgive a woman that will knowingly go after a married man – sucks she has such a common name. I never pegged him to be the cheating type, but he is much more present in our relationship now, and so am I.