Before 2006, The mansards was the premier place to live. If you were just started out on your own, the mansards was a great starter place. You had great service, management staff that would work with you and explain things thoroughly. You did not have millions of questionable fees for late rent and when you moved in on a special it was actually a special rate. After mid-2006 is when the decline in the mansards started. It started with all of the questionable and increase in fees- $200 administration fee, $100 late fee. Then it continued with the decrease in quality customer service from management, bookkeeping, front desk to maintenance and housekeeping for the hallways. The decrease continued when Griffith stop patrolling the area and they hired in the security company. In the beginning, the security company were very good but as time continues the company started to decrease in quality and quantity. The main reason for the decline in the mansards deals with the management and admissions departments. They are responsible for the residents they bring in and it is understandable that their goal is to fill apartments, they do not take in consideration a deeper look into the potential residents history to make sure the safety of the facility is going to stay intact. The biggest downfall with the mansards was the acceptance of 4by4 residents (section 8), I have nothing against people of section 8 except for those who abuse it and do not care about their place of residents. There is no accountability for residents who have occupants that are not on their lease. Maintenance rides around, goes to breakfast offsite, does not repair things in a time fashion and some of them are too busy having sexual relations with residents. There needs to a total overhaul in the whole operations of the mansards in order to bring the place back to the premier residential area of Griffith, Indiana. Until then I do not recommend the Mansards as a safe, reliable and dependable place to live.

1818 N Mansard Blvd Griffith, Indiana USA

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