My name is nisachol M . I am a nursing student 32 years old with income 1785$/month . I have cash to buy mobile home in this malarago cay community . And they approve me even I am not 55years old . They said as invested I can buy it . I paid cash and hope to make money by resale it . But I have to pay 804$ lot rent and not allow to live there . I am broke after paid lot rent for 4 -5 month . Now I ask if they can help me to sell so they said yes let do the contract . I did the exclusive contact with them to help me sell but they not really try to sell for me so I have to do everything to try to sell it and whoever sell it I have to give them 2000$ anyway . I drop my school because can’t afford it anymore and I can’t live in my mobile home so I have to pay to live other place . One day they told me just give to them for free so I don’t have to pay 804$ lot rent . This community are evil they do mean and tricky .i don’t know what to do . I lost so much money with this place and now I talk to my grandma to move in to mobile home and she can have it for free it’s better to give to family member but the community told me even u give to my grandma I still have to pay them 2000$ because they do advertise try to sell for me . They Denile all my buyer who interesting to buy my place for every reason and one buyer call me after they talk to maralago office that’s they are not helping . I don’t get it this is not fair at all … Never come here ok ? Never want to get involved with this place … It’s warning from me . They are bad people

6280 South Ash Lane Lantana , Florida USA

(561)-967 2626

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