Complaint: This company is either on extreme financial difficulty or is completely composed of con-men. We completed a large student turn painting project for them in Iowa at Copper Beech Student Townhomes in August of 2017. It’s now March 2018 and we still haven’t received the $7400 owed. They have handed us from one middle manager to the next trying to delay pay. Then they threatened us with an bogus and unlawful “cease and desist”” order from their amateur 20 year old attorney

Tags: Builders & Contractors, Maintenance Companies

Address: when we filed the lien on the property where we conducted the work. According to the terms of their vendor contract it is a “”pay when paid”” company. However

Website: however I have verified payment with their client (against their wishes). DO NOT DO WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE!!!! I WISH I HAD JUST GOOGLED THEIR NAME AND CHECKED OUT THE GOOGLE REVIEWS PRIOR TO WORKING FOR THEM. *fyi since all the subs like myself who have been screwed starting posting to their google reviews they have had all their staff make positive comments on their personal profiles. Do not fall for it!”

Phone: they never provided us with a service agreement