As soon as I layed the rug I discovered a hole, damaged. Even without that it was horrid. It smelled terrible and was shedding from the get go. This is by far the worst rug I have ever purchased. It sheds like crazy. We have tried vacuuming it regularly and that does not help the shedding. I find rug hair balls all over the house. The rug sheds and sticks to your feet and gets tracked through out the house. You would think that we had pet sheep. Its so bad that I am having to buy another rug to replace it. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it cause the store will not take it back after I spent thousand of dollars on it. I tried to speak with the owner but he keeps ignoring me. Id say this is a purely decorative rug. It looks nice at the store, our designer referred us to this retailer. Expenssive rug and poor quality

979 3rd Avenue # 211 New York , New York USA

(212) 752-4275

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