Complaint: I have know this woman for about 2 years now. This woman would lie to her own mother, she is listed on 5 different black list in Ukraine as a scam. She is also listed on 6 different escort service sites that I know of. She is listed on 8 different dating sites that I know of either as Maria Bondarenko or as Maria Viasova she is very good at telling men what they want to hear so that they will keep writting to her, so that she can keep making money from the dating stes. They is many stories about this woman on the internet I would say most of them are true. I know for a fact that no one should believe any thing that she says. I also know for a fact that she will not talk off the dating sites mostly because she can not make money off the dating sites. I tried to get her to come here to the US she would not do it. I tried to get her to let me come to her and she would not let me. I also know that she will tell 10 different men at the same time that she is in love with them do not believe this as she just wants to get as much money off the dating sites as she can. I dought serouis if she is a doctor as the dating sites has her listed as she can make a good living just scam men.

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Address: Lugansk, Ukraine