One month after the sale I have not received license plates or title. When I got the boat home and put it in the water I discovered several issues: 1. The attaching bolts on the carpet rails on the trailer were only finger tight, resulting in a difficult re-alignment for one person. 2. The hoses to the bilge pump and live well were finger tight, resulting in water leaks. 3. The “O” ring on the bilge pump was improperly installed …allowing water to flow into the boat. Once engaged, the pump simply discharged water into the boat. (This bit of negligence, as you might imagine, resulted in quite an exciting maiden voyage). 4. Apparently when your mechanic worked on the Merc outboard he attached something backwards. When one twists the throttle to the “forward” position the motor runs in reverse, and visa versa. This resulted in us ramming the trailer rather soundly with the bow of the boat while trying to back off the trailer. 5. When I contacted Mercury Marine about this problem I discovered that you had not registered the motor for warranty, as you promised. I have since done so myself. The throttle issue won’t be covered by warranty, since it was caused by your mechanic’s error. 6. I have not yet received a replacement for the broken stern light fixture that I was promised. 7. The “breakers” that you indicated had “all” been replaced… had not been. Only two that I can see appear to be new. 8. The fuel cell was poorly installed. When the boat tips starboard the cell slides into the bilge and live well pumps and could cause additional damage.


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