I don’t like to post negative reviews. What I am writing is not meant to lash out at Mario Mapoy, but simply the truth of my dealings with him that I believe others should know about before dealing or doing business with him so they know what they are getting into. nA lot of the advice he dispenses are wrong, incorrect and bad. I am not sure if he does not know the answer or just says anything to get me off his back, but regardless, the advice he gave was either not true, incorrect or bad. I did not receive any good advice if at all. nHe is supposed to be the expert in real estate matters but if that is true, his advice does not mirror that. nIn the several months I dealt with him, there was poor communcation about the current status of my case. I was the one asking all the questions about the current status. If not for my questions, I would not have known what was going on at all. A good realtor is suppossed to keep you abreast as to what is going on. I do not expect an update everyday(that’s ridiculous), but at times, I did not hear from him weeks on end. At times, I did not know whether he was still working on my case or not. He said he was working on my case, but again, I am not sure if he was just saying that to get me off his back. And when he did respond, the things and advice he said did not come true, regarding real estate transactions which were supposed to happen and did not. Trying to reach him on his phone? Good luck. 95% of the time, he does not answer it. He does seem to answer emails, after a day or two, but that is a delayed response. In fairness, he does seem to answer emails or voicemails you leave, but don’t expect a quick response back. And at times, you have to keep pressing him by calling and leaving another voicemail or emailing him a second time to get him to call you back. nCould he be overextended? Possibly. When I visited his office in San Leandro on a weekday in the afternoon, he was the only one there. I did not see any assistants or coworkers, which was unusual. The phone was constantly ringing in his office but he lets it go into voicemail. nThat might explain why when you try to call the office number, all you get is his voicemail and not even a live person or administrative assistant 95% of the time. I think this should have been a red flag to me. Maybe he wants to keep the profits all to himself which is why he does not hire any assistants. nUnfortunately, I believe that Mario focuses his time and effort on the more lucrative ventures, the ones which yield the greatest commissions and profits. If you have a case which is not going to yield much commission or profit for him, be wary and be afraid, be very afraid. nYou are most likely going to get 2nd rate service or be on the backburner. nI am surprised there are no more negative reviews about Mario. I am sure there are other clients which have experienced the same type of service from him. Perhaps the other person that posted a positive review of Mario is a friend of his. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect professionalism, honesty and integrity. I believe if more clients who have been burned by him come out from the woodwork, it nwill shed some truth on his business practices. Mario says he has been in the industry for 20 plus years, but I wouldn’t know if based on his advice or service. nIf you deal with him, I suggest you try to get a second opinion or do research on your own. Or get another realtor. You will likely be wasting your time by dealing with Mario if your situation is one in which it does not yield a big profit for him. I cannot recommend Mario based on his poor service. nOh, and Mario, if you respond and request me to contact you to try to make amends about my situation, it’s too late and why should I be subjected to the same bad advice, service and possible lies that you performed before? I would be subjecting myself to more heartache and disappointment.

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