Mark Alves is a very active seller / middleman on screen printing and DTG forums so I advise anyone to NOT do business with him. I purchased two dryers from this man and one was delivered, the other he made up some story about it getting damaged and that they found another one. They sent me the other one and it wasn’t at all similiar. It wasnt the same size belt, heat chamber was smaller, and it wasn’t even M&R! I did not accept the second dryer and they went back home with it. Mark Alves is a scammer, liar, and theif. I will be reporting him to the local police, filing numerous complaints against him and also legal action. | Note ( I paid for professional delivery yet mark himself delivered it, these guys must be itching for money to pull that ) | Now he has gone missing and I have about 50 texts or so deep with no response and its been several weeks. Throughout this entire exchange I was also in contact with his tech Donald Blackwell. | These two are related and do these deals together. Mark sells the equipment and Donald goes and installs it. Donald was also the one who was offering me a different dryer and actually handling the discussion after the second one that I was supposed to get was ‘damaged’. | I have plans on calling M&R and reporting this tech as well and will be putting them both on blast in the next several days on the internet and various other forums. I also plan on filing a police report and filing a lawsuit, only issue I dont have much info on them at the moment. If anyone can help or has information please share. | So far I have this:


  • Name: Mark Alves
  • Country: United States
  • State: Kentucky
  • City: Louisville
  • Address: 800 S 4th St Apt 1804
  • Phone: (812) 572-5334
  • Website: