Complaint: In March of 2010 I purchase a condo in downtown Austin. I found Real Estate Agent Mark Freatman through hungry, a website where you can obtain a percentage of the agent’s commission. I flew in from out of town and purchased a condo during the weekend I was in Austin. A quick business transaction that was to be beneficial for both parties. Mark has paid me $900 of the $3,200 and the last payment I received was in August. Since that time he has not returned any phone calls, emails, etc. We met face to face in August and I was kind enough to allow him to pay $100/month for the remaining monies. Needless to say, that strategy did not work. I feel cheated and dumbfounded. The Mark that helped me buy a home is not the same Mark I met after the transaction closed.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 12343 Hymeadow Dr, Suite 2-H, Austin, TX, 78750 Austin, Texas United States of America


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