Complaint: May 2017 my husband looked on Craig’s list and found this man. He provided him with references, that checked out good. We brought the paint and after a week we paid him a portion of his contract bill. By day 14, my brother-n-law noticed that he had a kid, dog and big TV in our house. He completed the deck and we paid him $2900, for all the work. On the last day his wife was in the house. They told my in laws that my husband gave them a verbal agreement that they could move in. This was a lie. I have been to court but was told I couldn’t go on my property until the Judge signs the papers, as of today no papers have been signed. In the meantime the City called to inform me that we had 10 days to clean up all the trash that was in the yard. We had it done at a costly $1000. Now, I just received a call from the sheriff office because the neighbors saw him kicking in the doors. Now our home is unsecure and we have to buy doors, locks and hire someone to clean all the human waste from all over the home.

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