Complaint: Mark Sellers <[email protected]> Nov 2 at 10:27 AM Contractor Mark Sellers (((REDACTED))) Noblesville, IN 46060 Drives a Beige Silverado . Gave him deposit for 1870 on 11/2/17 and he agreed to complete home structure work BEFORE Thanksgiving. As of 12/9 he has stood us up 17 times, taken additional funds when I was out of town by lying to my husband and continued to create more damage to our hours. We only hired him because a different contractor working here told us how great he was and had NO idea he was a scammer. He started to pour a fake lintel that leaked concrete all over our crawl space and was not a real lintel. He then said he was going to lift the house which he never did. Very glad he didnu2019t as the house would have sustained even more extensive damage since his lintel was fake and you never pour a lintel before lifting a house. He dug a hole to dig out the old footer but did NOT replace the footer OR the failed corner of the foundation. All evidenced in the crawl space. There is concrete that has leaked all over the crawl space and is not a footer or a lintel. Instead when I started calling incessantly because he never answers his phone and started texting because they dug a hole out front and left it for weeks without any safety tape, etc. he came out and poured 2 small bags of instant set concrete and filled in the hole. He cut out our front step and left the hole and the dangerous setting over the holiday (Thanksgiving). We had an injury going through our Homeowners Ins as it appears he doesnu2019t have insurance (although he said he did). Even though he was supposed to be done. He had his employees come over stand around, talk and smoke and do nothing to give an appearance of being here. Work never moved forward. While I was out of town on 11/11 after his ONE employee (the only one that did any work) dug the 3-ft deep hole (not deep enough to fix the issue), he told my husband he poured the footers (although they werenu2019t done) took another 900 and ran off for the weekend. No call, no show, no response. He only answered my texts when I became angry. Then he acted like it was my issue that he took $3k and has done nothing??? The job should be pretty much done by that point and its not. His Quote was BS as he has done NONE of this and our house is still shifting and he has almost $3000 of our dollars. He has similar complaints and a lot of them in Colorado (Longmont/Boulder court), Ohio BBB and now Indiana. Our local Nextdoor online group is blowing up with all the similar situations. Takes the money, doesnu2019t finish, doesnu2019t answer his phone and acts like you have no reason to be angry. How do we stop people like him from doing this? We now have another 9k to pay due the house he has destroyed? He poured a FAKE cosmetic lintel that leaked concrete all over the crawl space and is doing absolutely nothing to help with the repair of the house. Caused additional damage to repair to the front step and will now cost additional to fix the bricks on the front of the house that we have not priced out. He said he was trying to do us a favor. The only favor he did was by not lifting the house after he did the additional damage because it would have been even worse. You do not pour a lintel first and then lift the house. NO company would ever do this. Pictures clearly show this shoddy work and NON repair job that he is holding $3k of our money for NOT doing. I NEVER asked for a favor and if this is a favor Iu2019d hate to see what he does when itu2019s NOT a favor? So these people must also be people he did favors for because we just really didnu2019t need our hard earned cash and he did? 49K03-1711-SC-006145 (Tim Slabaugh vs Mark Sellers) 29D05-1708-SC-007912 (Young, Jamar vs Mark Sellers) 06D02-1706-SC-000434 (Combs vs Mark Sellers) 29D05-1703-SC-002991 (See vs Mark Sellers) 29D06-1608-CC-006767 (Orahood vs Mark Sellers) 49K07-1410-SC-005458 (Rider vs Mark Sellers) He has done this in Colorado, Ohio and now Indiana (except Indiana continues to let him rack up thousands and damage homes without any recourse). Since heu2019s a turnip (canu2019t get blood out of one those.. he just skates on by because he canu2019t pay anyone back). If heu2019s going to damage homes, not do the work and not refund then how about we put him in jail so heu2019s at least off the street? Same deceptive practices in CO: www. ci_15230200 (He did lose the case and owes thousands to CO residents) – This is the copy of the actual judgement against Mark OHIO BBB Issues: Same deceptive practice. Stories are ALL the same (Since you can pay your way out of the BBB complaints, it’s obvious he just ditched and ran as he’s here in Noblesville and OH residents are still issuing complaints after his arrival here. Same stuff. Shoddy work, no work, no show, etc. IN NextDoor residents would speak to AGs office and news as well as its the same story. A few Angie’s List issues (same story) – Gets half down and then doesn’t finish and gives the run around https:// us/in/ noblesville/ olive-leaf- construction-reviews-9021874.htm

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