Mark Vanskyok doesnt pay his employees tell them to wait on it and h**l get it to him. He also does shotty work and doesnt are if things leak… he also sars jobs get paid a d doesnt finish the job one in particular pj corwin pennville indiana. mark stated a siding and roofing job for pj and go all the money and has yet to be back to finish he job.He uses other ppls tools to try to get the jobs completed and when he doesnt have the tools he jus dont worry about it. i was one of his empoyees and he made me work in mold without proper ppe said a dust mask would be fine.mushrooms were growing in the hotel and still are. look out for this guy he doesnt pay he doesn complete his shotty work and hes a scammer

1234 shady lane portland, Indiana United States of America

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