My mother Yvonne Schmidt who IS disabled, purchased a sofa Marlo Furniture in Laurel Maryland that was NOT delivered. n#1 They told my mother they would be here between 3-6pm and got here after 6. n#2. The main, who apparently is over weight, didn’t even attempt to put the sofar on the elevator, he just assumed it wouldn’t fit, without knowing for a fact that it wouldn’t. We HAD a sofa that was just as large and we moved it into the building just fine, so what is the problem? n#3 Because of being told the sofa would be delivered on Thursday, Friday 12, 2009, my mother paid $50 to have the apartment management remove our old sofa, so now with the failure to deliver the sofa, we have minimal places to sit in our living room which is unacceptable considering my mother is an amputee n When she called to ask them if they could carry it up the stairs, they told her they are not obligated to deliver above the 3rd floor. We live on the 4th floor, however, why didn’t someone say this before my mother went all the way out there, purchased the furniture, sat and waited for the delivery to be told this information. n This is an outrage and frankly with the economy the way it is, and the way stores are closing, consumers who are spending money on products should have their product delivered WITHOUT excuses. nLadybug72nSilver Spring, MarylandU.S.A.

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