This happen about 11 years ago when she lived in Conyers, Ga. She is now living in Florida around the Lake Mary area. Thanks to this wonderful site I am now getting the honor of exposing this home wrecking imbecile. I just wish this site was available to post it then. I’m getting satisfaction now doing it and tying up loose ends associated with the Stenchious smell of this trashy home wrecker. A couple of years ago my husband had the balls to find her on facebook and she had the unmitigated gall to accept his friend request. Even though I knew they were Facebook friends for a couple of years it always bothered me that she wasn’t aware that I knew about their one night stand years ago so I message her and very politely let her know that I knew. Her response was” WOW, you definitely have the wrong person. I am not that person. I hope you find her, good luck. “She then deleted him from her friends and blocked me. Well Marsha YOU ARE that person and I feel that it is my duty to refresh your dim memory. Pretending it never happen doesn’t make it go away nor does denying it. The least you could have done is admit your part and apologize, but instead you want to insult my intelligence by suddenly getting a bad case of amnesia. SEE if this information gets your lack of brain cells to spark. || This lying troll was MARRIED and had kids in elementary school. She was working at an apartment complex Terraces of Fieldstone in Conyers, Ga. My husband knew her from high school when she played softball and his dad was the team coach. He had a female loser friend that lived at the apartments and she ask him to come over and help her clean the pool . While he was there this conniving buck tooth bitch had him come in the office to meet the home wrecker, unaware that they already knew each other from high school. I noticed he was always putting on clean clothes and spraying himself down with cologne every time he went to visit the loser friend. He would tell me he was going over there to go fishing or help clean the apt. pool. So every time he would go over there he would hang out at the office where this hog worked and they would talk and catch up on things and get to know each other better. This went on for a few weeks before their big one night stand date. || The reason I mention the female loser friend is because her bucktooth ass helped him out by covering for him and lying to me to cover his ass and she encouraged him to see her because, Well, I’m a bitch and he deserves better she said. There was a bikini contest at Hooters in Conyers, Ga and we were suppose to go. I was told the day of the event that just the guys was going and I shouldn’t go because I would feel out of place. That was because his bucktooth friend called him and told him that Marsha was going and wanted to meet him there. When it was time for him to start getting ready for his date with the whore, I noticed he was kinda skipping as he walked and he was extra nice to me. So he takes a bath and puts on the new shirt and dress pants and sprays himself down with the expensive cologne that I BOUGHT HIM. He then asks me if I would help him fix his hair, and then he ask me if he looks good. While fighting through all the RED FLAGS I was seeing, I said yes you look fine. Right before he skips out the door to meet the pig he ask me for some money because he was jobless again at the time. || So the home wrecker and the loser friend meet up with him but they can’t get in because its packed out so they go to a bar next door called Shades and party. They fact that this is a small town and the fact that they were both married to other people did not seem to bother them at all. They shamelessly spent the night drinking, and hanging all over each other, and making out like two love struck morons on a date that I PAID FOR…. Well I had a feeling that something wasn’t right and loaded our kids in the car and went up there around 11:30 that night. I parked where I could see his car and waited. My oldest daughter wanted to go home because she had school the next day so I left just before they came out. When closing time came around his loser friend told the home wrecking hog Marsha to ride back with my husband because she was going home with a guy she met at the bar. She also was in a relationship at the time and was cheating on him too. So my husband and this cow Marsha stagger out to his ride which was a beat up minivan that his mother gave him. I referred to it as the slut van later on because of another whore that had sex with him in it. Her fat ass and Romeo spent the next hour or so making out in the van. This includes lots of foreplay, everything but actually getting naked because a cop tells them they need to leave. They leave and he takes the Hyena back to her apartment and they kiss and make out a little more. || They never had sex, but that is irrelevant because being seen in a public place together on a date and making out with each other was just as bad. I guess it was an exciting night for the home wrecker because she gave him her # and he calls her the next day. They talk and she giggles like an idiot when he asks her if he made a fool of himself the night before. He calls her again the next day to invite her to lunch and wants to know when they can see each other again. She then tells him to come over to the office that she will be there until 5. They also discussed how they were going to lie to the female loser friends boyfriend to cover her ass since she didn’t go home that night. They decided to lie and tell him that she spent the night on Marsha’s couch. They never saw each other again because I told him I knew what was going on so he confessed everything to me. || Is your memory starting to come back now Marsha? This was your # at that time Marsha 770-317-7801. Are those two crickets you have in your brain starting to rub their legs together to help you remember? Unless you are completely blind and had to be led around by a seeing eye dog, you were fully aware that he was married. The wedding band he was wearing should have been your first clue. He didn’t try to hide it so you knew and you did not give a damn because you lack any kind of morals or self respect. If you wanted to step out in your own marriage that is your business, but your mistake was stepping out with a married man whose wife found out about it. I say it again, It might have been many years ago when this happen but to me it is still fresh in my mind because shit like this never goes away and you played a part in causing damage to the marriage by refusing to WALK AWAY FROM A MARRIED MAN. Marsha you have been put on this site because you have earned the title of a HOME WRECKING WHORE and I don’t give two shits what you think about it or me.