Years ago my husband ensued a debt, unfortunately in my name. I was made aware of the collection four years after the debt was created. I received multiple letters from the afore named Marshalls Office and when I did contact them I was met with the absence of professionalism that seems to be an ongoing theme with this entity. As I told them then and had to tell them again now, I have the funds; please send me the appropriate paperwork so this situation can be rectified. I was met with pure and utter nastiness. There appears to be an assumption that if the Marshall’s office needs to contact you, you must be unemployed, uneducated, on welfare with the inability to comprehend the English language. I then, as now, have no problem settling this debt. I do however, as all hard working Americans, have a problem settling a debt without any current paperwork outlining the initial debt, the amount already paid the remaining balance, and information about how this money is to be released and collected. When did it become an inconvenience to provide this information? I am not writing this complaint to excuse the fact that this money is due. I am writing this because the women who work in this office are overbearing, belligerent, unhelpful and downright nasty. I was berated and spoken to in a condescending manner. The “woman” with the name Vicky (who refused to provide me her last name) spoke to me as though she couldn’t be bothered. The time she spent inflating her own ego could have been spent helping to correct this situation. And finally as if the matter at hand wasn’t horrific enough, she hung up on me. How can you take my money without providing me current documentation? I have come to understand that the Marshall in this office exceeds the monetary collections of other marshal offices and lives quite nicely from the proceeds. I have two thoughts: Would he have more money if his people were more helpful? or Has his people bullied so many into releasing monies that his riches are not legit? Without proper documentation…how will we ever know?

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