Took a 99 Buick Electra 4 years ago and paid this individual sums of money in cash which was requested and vehicle was not restored. Martin was given original car given a down payment to begin and work to restore car with parts from another car of the same year make and model. Martin continued to request money and no repairs were made to my vehicle. Upon Martins relocation to Westfield I asked if I could get a refund of some of the money since he did not began any work on myvehicle. And I did not receive any of my money back. Then I had to pay another auto restoration mechanic to pick up my vehicle to began the restoring process that was not done by Martin after being paid more than enough money to cover what he claim to be purchasing. Its unfortunate that someone will rip you off, but to not try to resolve the issue at hand and move on as if this is not stealing. If anyone chooses to use his services make sure that work is completed and make sure that you keep receipts and make him write receipts and check on your vehicle to insure that you are getting what you are paying for. Im not sure who else has been through this with Martin Cody’s Classic Cars, but I know what I have been through and 4 years of having a car that may take maybe 8 to 16 weeks to restore depending on where parts are coming from or what needs to be restored. It is certainly not 4 years. I have no reason to lie I have receipts and photos of my vehicle after it was picked up from this Martin’s Classic Cars.


  • Name: Martin’s Classic Cars
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Huntsville
  • Address: 1320 Putman Drive
  • Phone: 256-801-7933
  • Website: