Complaint: In November of 2016 I bought a boxer puppy from MJ Garcia for breeding purposes. I paid $1200.00 extra ($3000 total )to use him as a breeder when he gets old enough and to own him free and clear of any strings from the breeder. The puppy arrived from Florida with 1 t******e and very tight nostrils and skinny. Both are not good for a breeder as the tight nostrils are passed on to any offspring and you can’t breed a dog with 1 t******e. I had researched as a breeder and I was not worried… I knew she would stand behind him if it didn’t drop. But I was wrong. It didn’t drop and she didn’t stand behind him. To top it off Dozer died young at the age of 13 months of cancer. I left her know right away but she gave me no response. She says she is not a business that she doesn’t breed for money… but she sure cares more about money then a happy customer. There are many great breeders that stand behind their puppies. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Tags: Pet breeder

Address: Ocala, Florida United States


Phone: (352) 484-4838