She was married 27 years and lied so often, that the only thing that would be shocking, is if she told the truth, because she would swear she was not with Mr. Sheppard, and he would be right there with her, and the more that became known, the more she would make false claims to authority’s to divert attention to herself, and took advantage of so many people, using them, and even destroying there property, but now is exposed, and known that her and Mr. sheppard have been having a affair for at least 9 years, as a explicit photo found online was that old, and the way she just walked away, and after being in the same bed with her husband less than 24 hours prior, then took no responsibility for any of her debt, dumping a brand new truck on her husband and after making only 1 payment, and the sole cause of having to file bankruptcy, but all of it is known now for her addiction to Meth. and alcohol, and well known by the community of him being a addict, and the individual who hooked her on the drug, and a former bar owner, but both are the coldest, lowest, selfish, people i have ever known.