Complaint: Maryanne Redman is a Code Inspector I with the Town of Gilbert in Arizona. Mrs. Redman has taken it upon herself to harass my myself and family by:Calling my house at 6:45 am from the Towns work number.Coming to my house at 7:08 am and knocking on the door.Driving by my house everyday and honking four times and driving off.Providing my personal information to neighbors about complaints and her reason for visiting my home.Going through my recycling trash can and leaving my personal information on the sidewalk. In the past month I have had to endure a continuous cycle of harassment from Mrs. Redman. It finally stopped when I contacted the City Council. Although I have not heard back on what will happen to Mrs. Redman, I have finally been able to enjoy my peace and tranquility again. I urge anyone who has encountered this rude and harassing person to contact the media, and the city council for a complaint. DON’T BE A VICTIM OF THIS PERSON

Tags: City Employees

Address: 90 E. Civic Center Dr. Gilbert, Arizona United States of America


Phone: 480-503-6924