I have been trying for months now, to clear a charge on my record that is false. Maryland CCU refuses to coorporate, I have even contacted the assistant to secreary Foster. She has tried helping me but Maryland CCU (Jessee Lawyer) refuses to correct the situation. The charge is: I had an outstanding debt with child support. I don’t even live in Maryland. (per Maryland CCU) I had to call Baltimore county child support, and they reported that I had no balance. I was told to call Baltimore city, again, no charges. I was told to contact the Maryland Comptroller, again, no charges. I was a custodial parent, with the non-custodial parent in Maryland, (who is still over 20K in rears). We went to court and we settled and our record was closed out. Approx 4 years ago, they apply a charge to my credit record, saying it originated from child support enforcement. As stated above, child support enforcement denies these charges. Communicating with Maryland CCU is useless. These are suppose to be people working for the people. They have lied to me, put me off, ignored me and it seems that there is nothing I can do to correct this situation, as it affects my credit report. My next step is to write to the govonor if I have to!

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