Complaint: My husband recently received a collection notice for $820.17 from the State of Maryland for an MVA insurance lapse from July through October of 2001. He was stationed in Maryland and moved to Florida after he retired and changed his registration and to Florida. He has never let his insurance lapse and has never been contacted by Maryland once in the past 11 years. We called our insurance company which has always been USAA and they didn’t keep records past 7 years and neither does Florida DMV. The USAA agent was very helpful in this matter and called Maryland to try to fix this, but the people he contacted in Central Collections hung up on him twice. Eventually, they took this matter up the chain of command and are going to send a statement called an FR19. The worst thing about this is that I researched for other cases like this and there are hundreds of them starting back in 2008 due to a new computer system. It’s been 4 years and they should have fixed it by now. With 11 military bases in Maryland, a large number of the people affected are veterans. Maryland needs to wake up and remember how much of their revenue is from the military.

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