Complaint: I write this report in order to expose that Mas Sajady, instead of comming forward and offfering an explanation for the depature of many clients, is claiming that they are all lies, delusional and silencing them. It is unfair that his hyponized clients go after them and shame them and delete them all. That is their experience and it is worth giving a listen. I myself have experienced negative results with Mas Sajady, and I sincerly don’t want this man fooling others into his pyramid scheme. I literally had to go through two years of hell, and it wasn’t till the end of 2017 that I became aware of the fool he is. I followed his program diligently. Being aware of the detox, I saw it as fair, but it was literally choking me. There was entities still attacking me in my sleep and his energy is very forcable, not unconditional, power, and loving like he saids. Unless the individuals behind writing the blogs are gifted with incredible imagination, they included alot of sincere and truely they needed help and healing from Mas. Beware. One blog claimed that Mas Sajady has pulled them into a Negative Lower Matrix and this was an advanced healer. One blog was lengthy and described her experience with Mas. One blog claimed that Mas is a fraud as well. They all confirmed to be some type of experiment, which is the reason why some claim abundance and others not. Why does Mas claim to not work with other healers and teachers? The Truth is like the top of the mountain no matter where you reach, it will land. He complusively stated to never trust and work with other healers. But if I was in his position I would be “well you could but it is unessesary””. His behavior is a dead giveaway. Don’t give your trust and put your faith in this man. There are other powerful healers out there

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Address: and something is off with this man. Please listen

Website: and complusively say to his own clients that he will grant the 360 degrees of abundance he offers. Many have to wait 6 years to gain any results. This is a lie. Even those who are questioning Mas are going after those who stand up for themselves against him. This is how clever he is at sucking you in. There is evidence that he is innaccurate

Phone: they are trying to surpress the evidence that Mas Sajady is a fraud. In 2018