Complaint: I HIRED Master Contracting to repair and redo my roof on my warehouse. He said he would use a specific product that would coat and seal it and it would never leak again. 50 yr warranty on the product he used. 10 yr on his labor. 4 days after he was finished and was paid $5000. the roof leaked and has been leaking ever since for 4 months now. i had to borrow the money to fix this since i just performed 20,000 more fixes on this building. 1. he said product was 20 gallons. cost in excess of 1200. 2. he said he would pressure wash, dry 12 hrs, prime, dry 12 more hrs, then 2 coats of special gaco product. 12 dryinng in between each coat according to video from Gaco and their instructions per office manager when i called. he did none 3. i watched the video 3 times, then contacted head office for gaco. they gave me very specific instructions for the product to be warrantied. Mr. steele did not prime, did not want to pressure wash with high pressure washer until i said, stop, give me my money back. then he ran out there, did quick pressure wash, ran over to lowes and bought 5 gallons of unmarked product and rolled it on in a couple of hours and that was it. called it a day. it has been leaking ever since. 4. i reversed my credit card charge. he waited till final days and reversed it back. i did not get mailed proper paperwork to answer in time, so card company said it was too late for them to reverse. mail forwarding problem from living 7 mo. each year in HI. mail is always in holding or ???? 5. we continued to contact mr. Steele for repairs. he went one time, then 2 wks later it rained and leaked again. this cant go on. i need a roof that does not leak. 6. my renters are now threatening to vacate. they have rented for 14.5 yrs. they pay me a lot of money. we live on this money. we are retired and have been swindled by a con man under the guise of let me help all your needs with your roof. it will never leak again. 7. we requested the receipts so warranty would be in place. but they refused to supply receipts for product. WHY, BECAUSE THEY DID NOT USE THE PRODUT THEY PROMISED. THEY USED SOME CRAP FROM LOWES. NOT THE $1200 GACO IN CONTRACT. SO WE HAVE NO WARRANTY, NO MONEY AND A LEAKING ROOF. HE DOES NOT ANSWER PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS. HE DOES NOT RETURN. 8. WHEN I REVERSED CHARGE OF $5000, HE WAITED AND REVERSED 1/2 BACK OR $2596. IF HE REALLY DID THE JOB, WOULD HE ONLY TAKE 1/2. NO WAY. HE IS A CROOK PRAYNG ON OLD FOLKS. WE ARE RETIRED LIVING ON sOC. SEC. 9. I OWE MR. STEELE $400 FOR SUPPLIES HE GAVE MY CONTRACTOR FOR OTHER ITEMS. 10. I WANT A REFUND FROM MR. STEELE FOR $2200. OF THE CHARGEBACK HE GOT OF $2596.00 I NEED TO HIRE SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE JOB RIGHT AND I AM OUT OF MONEY. I MUST BORROW MORE.

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