I began working at this company that provides granite and marble counter tops at the end or March of 2017. My first day there I was warned by the woman who was currently there about the nightmare i would be finding myself into. Me, being ignorant to the history of this company, ignored her and took on the job anyway. A week later she was fired and I filled in her shoes. | Initially things were great, the owner Antonio or “Tony” Bianco was a great and what seemed to be a caring, genuine, rough around the edges business man who was about his money. After simply two weeks there, he began making sarcastic insulting racial slurs. Tony who is a small, tempered Italian man with little people syndrome, would make remarks towards his Latin employees calling them dirty Puerto Rican’s or Lazy Mexicans, He would call many of the contractors he worked with dirty rednecks or stinky black people. [continued below]….


  • Name: Master Granite
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Tallahassee
  • Address: 2234 Capital Circle NE
  • Phone: 850-765-2022
  • Website: tallahasseegranite.com/