I am Robyn Medley, a professional. I am not accustomed to wasting my time on such frivolous matters; however, I do feel that everyone that has read this ridiculous article that a proven mental patient has used to exploit my professionalism with his mendacity and his paranoia. (All traits of a still mentally challenged individual) has the right to know What really happened with Robyn Medley and Preston Reuther. nI am not going to address every stupid issue, as that would make me as challenged as he is. But I will address his unscrupulous way of doing business which caused me to resign from his employment after only a few months of working for him. I feel that in order for everyone to understand the obtuse, and brainlessness of this individual, I must start from the beginning.. nMr. Reuther contacted me through My Telecommunications Company and asked that I come to Vicksburg MS. to address some technical issues he was having with his call center. I accepted his contract and went to Mississippi with ideas of improving his call center. When I arrived at the office, I met personally for the first time with Mr. Reuther. Immediately he went into his spill of how he was happy I was there to begin telemarketing his jewelry and jewelry making products. It was clear that this idiot thought that my telecommunication degree meant that I was an expert in telemarketing. I dont blame him for his ignorance but it opened my eyes immediately to the intelligence that I was dealing with or rather lack of, I was dealing with. nAfter my numerous attempts to explain to Mr. Reuther where my expertise lied, we were finally on the same page. I restructured his call center (a call center of three) took me approximately 45 minutes. Mr. Reuther asked that I stay and manage these three (3) CSR I was between contracts, so I accepted. I was not raised in the south so I was not familiar with the racism I was about to endure. nIt is true, that Mr. Reuther had no inkling that I was black. Additionally, Mr. Reuther was a bigot, a racist unscrupulous bigot. After about one to two weeks of working for Mr. Reuther, it was clear that my intelligence intimidated not only him but the entire white staff as they hadnt been exposed to blacks with the education I bought with me. I was challenged in every aspect of my duties. This I could not take, and did not take. I hung in for approx. 90 days, thinking and hoping that my actions and my knowledge would out weigh the color of my skin, it didn’t… I was never given a chance, so when another opportunity came my way, I left. But not before I watched how degrading this man was to his black employees, how he would come to the office with a feather up his rumpus and fire people (black people, three and four at a time) for no reason. How he would come to me with made up lies and paranoid accusations on these hard working dedicated employees and tell me to fire them. He implemented a Will to Work rule, so that he didnt have to justify his reason for terminating single parents, students, and many financially handicapped black employees. I couldn’t take it anymore. I left his employment and I thank God for my decision to do so. nBefore concluding, I want to address his allegations of my police record. Mr. Stupid, I was never arrested for stealing anything, ever. I was arrested 20 years ago, for WRITING a bad check, and had you researched more thoroughly, you would have found that it was not a company check it was a personal check written on MY own checking account which was issued by mistake to two people (Bank error) and I was cleared and that was that. Also, as for the checks that I was supposed to have stolen from you. You really give me far too much credit. These checks were (as you explained to me, the police, my attorney, and my daughter, IDIOT!) checks from customers made out to Master Wire. Explain to me, what I could have done with checks made out to your scamming company from your poor non-suspecting customers. Further example of your lack of intelligence and a heighten degree of a paranoia. Perhaps if your OLD senile wife was a better accountant, you would not need to blame others for her short comings. nLastly, I would like to let everyone know. This guy and his company are BAD NEWS Run when you see him coming. He brings the wrath of hell with him. True proof that Satin has warriors just as God has angels. Id also like to ask Mr. Reuther, whole heartedly, please please, please, get more mental help. The world is not yet ready, for another, racist, bigot, paranoid, mental patient. Mr. Preston Reuther is a modern day Hitler. nI have an original copy of Mr. Preston Reuther’s book….. which HE, himself emailed me in error, and it does in fact refer to black people as monkeys….Sad, very sad, my heart bleeds for such ignorance in the 2000’s. Very sad, very, very sad. nRobynnBAILEY ISLAND, MaineU.S.A.

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