Complaint: I’ve been in the insurance lead generation industry for years, and have been working with most of the big companies. We had a campaign going with Quinstreet, where we generated leads through web traffic with them. We spent thousands of dollars sending Quinstreet traffic, which they in turn sold ot their clients. At some point, our account manager, Mat Levy, asked us to pause the campaign, so we did. Quinstreet are operating with a NET-45 payment structure, meaning we paid out of pocket ($17K USD) for over two months. When the next payment date came up, everything went fine and we received our payment. However, one month later, when the next payment was due, nothing happened.I contacted Mat, asking for my payment, and he simply said “We are not going to pay you””. I have tried reasoning with him

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Address: but he refuses to pay the $10K they still owe me. This has completely ruined my finances. Quinstreet is a billion dollar company

Website: as you run the risk of not getting paid months after you’ve had all your expenses.”

Phone: so there is not much I can do to get my money.Just be warned: DO NOT work with Quinstreet