Complaint: I am writing this Ripoff Scams on Matthew Lincoln Tillson. Currently, he resides in Mckinney Texas with his wife Anita Ruth Wulff Tillson.His daughter just turned 7 years old. Not once has he saw her. He has been ordered child support in the State of Texas and has not paid one penny towards child support. He signed an acknowledgment of paternity before she was born because I was thinking of adoption but decided not to go through with it.He says that he is a Christian man but he will not make any attempts to see his daughter or relinquish parental rights. We have asked that he relinquish parental rights so that my daughter can be adopted by her stepfather but he will not even sign them. He stays hidden and avoids certified letters. All we want is him to catch up on child support or relinquish his parental rights.We want everyone to know that Matthew Lincoln Tillson is a deadbeat father!!

Tags: Dead Beat Dads

Address: Mckinney, Texas United States of America