Incredible Rip-off!!! Mattress Business opportunity scam that you need to check out before buying into. Before you invest in a Mattress By Appointment business you need to ask them some important questions: 1) Was Mattress By Appointment previously known as Carolina Bedding Direct? 2) Has one of the Mattress By Appointment owners Shawn McAllister been convicted multiple times for committing a felony? 3) Has Mattress By Appointments main owner Edwin Shoffner been sued and had judgments rendered against him for failing to pay debts? 4) Does Mattress By Appoinments President Edwin Shoffner have federal tax liens levied agsints him? 5) Has Mattress By Appointment been sued in federal court for stealing somone elses busniess system? 6) Does Mattress By Appointment have the right to sell their system to anyone? 7) Have the past and present owners of Carolina Bedding Direct and Mattress By Appointment, Edwin Shoffner, Darren Conrad and Shawn McAllister all been sued or tried and found liable or guilty for one of the following: stealing someone elses business system, not paying debts, not paying taxes or commiting felonies? 8) Is there a large group business owners suing Mattress By Appointment for being untruthful about their pricing and ownership of business system after Mattress By Appointment tried to sue them when they did not agree that they were in business with the company? 9) Is Mattress By Appointment trying to sue a lot of people it called dealers for frivolous actions? 10) Does Mattress By Appointment really just offer a ten mile radious for a territory to use a system it dose not even own? 11) Have any of the past or present owners of Mattress By Appointment filed for bankruptcy? 12) Did Edwin Shoffner get fired from his job at Park Place Mattress and Mattress By Appointment before buying out Darren Conrad? There are a lot of other questions you could ask but don’t wait until you spend a lot of money on setting up a location before you get the answers. Ask them how many people do not make it each year that open a mattress by appointment business. Ask them if anyone had a business in the same town as you before you. Ask them if they are involved in lawsuits in multiple states and federal court.

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