In May of 2016 I purchased a mattress and adjustable bed frame from Mattress Firm. Soon after I began to experience bug bites every night. At first I did not know what was causing them. In October of 2016 I saw a bug in my bed. I soon learned it was a bed bug. I contacted an exterminator who came out and confirmed that my adjustable bed was infested with bugs. They were no where else on the house. I contacted Mattress Firm. Since it was past the 30 day mark they could doing nothing for me. She also denied the fact that it came from their company. I paid $1,100 for an exterminator. I have visible all over my arms from these bugs. I cannot sleep in my bed because the exterminator flipped it to saturate the underneath with poison. I cannot flip it back over because it is to heavy. This situation has caused me severe hardship and Mattress Firm will do nothing.


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