On 11/17/12 I ordered a temper pedic cloud lux mattress from Mattress One I took there financing and was told give 3 days notice for delivery and they would not charge my account till it was delivered. nOn 12/21 we called and said we wanted it on 12/27 they said ok. On 12/23 we received a call saying they would not be able to deliver on that date. I told them I needed it that day and I was looking into another alternative. On 12/24 the salesman Mike called and said he was making a delivery and I told him I made other arrangements, he said you financed that, I said yes and he hung up on me. nHis boss Frank called trying to save the sale. He said it was not the same Mike that we bought the bed from that hung up on me. I told him we did not want to do business with a company whose salespeople do not treat people with respect I asked for his supervisors name and he was unwilling to give me his number. nLater he called and said do I want delivery and if I said no he was going to charge me a 20% restocking fee. I spoke to the finance company and was told they charged me on 11/17 and a payment was due. nMarc, Franks boss called and said he apologized for how his people treated me and he would fire the salesman for hanging up on me twice but I had to take the mattress or pay the cancellation fee. He also said the salesman over charged us but he was making a special delivery for us. He tried to be very intimidating and I at first said yes even though I didn’t want to do business with a company like that. He just tried to jam it on me. nAfter about an hour I decided I did not want it and called Frank back and told him I didn’t want them to deliver. Two minutes later Marc called back and threatened me by saying he would credit me back 80% and I was making a big mistake. nI have never heard of a cancellation fee especially on an item that is a stock item for a company. This was nothing more than a scam and they were upset over a sale cancelling

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