Maura had a reputation for years of being in multiple relationships with different men and being unfaithful to them. She is the sibling of an in-law which is sorta like family. She and my husband have been having an affair behind my back and her boyfriend’s back. We were married for almost 14 years together for 15. She has been to my home multiple times throughout the years to family gatherings etc. My husband who is also very close to her boyfriend would go over and watch sports matches with him. Found text messages that were very telling. How he wants to be with her and have sex with her. Where and when they are gonna meet. She was very engaging in the texts and agreed to be with him. Once caught both denied it. The insult is, this was family. Wasn’t the first time my husband messed up but I have no idea how long this affair was going on. I informed her boyfriend who was also shocked. I have sense moved on. Kicked him out. I don’t know if I should still be mad or thank her. Of course he didn’t want to actually be with her. Just have sex every now and then I guess. I told them they could have each other. I’m out of the picture so they are free to be together if they want. But they’re not. Never understand why someone would want to cheat and stay with the partner they are cheating on. We don’t have kids or ties in this relationship. I have always told him he could leave. Guess I was clearly still giving or providing him with something that he thought these whores couldn’t.