August 6, 2011 Saturday: Roofing contract was signed by me. We paid 30% down and work was supposed to begin the week of Aug 22. Mr. Robert Brewster is the owner of the company and worked with the crew doing the job. Sept 15 Thursday: Work began on our roof. This was 2 weeks later than in contract. Mr Robert Brewster asked for $300 on Sep 15. We wrote him a check for $300. Big mistake on our part. Sept 16 Friday: Crew didn’t get here until 10 AM both days. A bit late to start work. In the middle of the afternoon Mr. Brewster said they would be finishingg the work and asked for the balance owed. We wrote Mr. Brewster a check for $3974 , The balance owed. He immediately left, came back 2 hours later, picked up the crew and they all left. The roofing work was not finished as promised. They never returned.Sept 17 Saturday: I called Mr. Brewster about finishing the work. He said he would be out Sunday Sept 18 to finish. He never came. We made numerous phone calls and e-mails. He did not return calls or e-mails. However, he did call and leave a message that he would be coming out in 4 or 5 days. He never showed. Mr Brewster finally came out on Sept 27, did 3 hours work and left. The work was not finished. We again made numerous calls and e-mails. He has not returned calls or e-mails.The last time I talked to Mr. Brewster was on Nov 17 at which time he “promised “” to come out Nov 20 or Nov22. He did not come out either day as we expected. All we are asking is that he finish the roofing for which he has been fully paid.At the end of the first day we discovered that Mr. Brewster had used a cheaper grade of underlayment than what he had showed us in the presentation giving an estimate. This was the “”old bait-and-switch”” We have gone beyond the call of duty to make a sincere effort to resolve this. Mr Robert Brewster has lied to us

conned us and has been completely dishonest with us. We have 2 leaks in the roof and he will not come and fix the leaks.I can promise Mr. Robert Brewster that this is not going away.”

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