On December 8, 2003 I purchased an 80G 7200 RPM Ultra Series Hard Drive model number L01P080 form Office Depot in the town where I live, Florence, AL. The deciding factor in my purchasing of this product from them was the $50 mail in rebate. The rebate actually consisted of 2 seperate rebates. One of $20 and another of $30. I promptly returned all required information and the completed rebate forms, being very careful to include any and all information as required so as not to make any mistakes that would hinder me from receiving my rebates. nThe rebates stated that the purchase must have been made between Nov.23, 2003 and Jan.3, 2004, and must be postmarked before Feb.3, 2004. My sales reciept clearly showed these requirements. I made copies of them just in case. On Jan.3, 2004 I received an email from Maxtor Rebates saying I was not eligible for the rebate because I didn’t purchase the hard drive between the required dates. So far, Office Depot has refused to help me with this matter, and I cannot seem to contact anyone at the rebate center. I am eligible for this rebate an I am sure they try to pull this off on other consumers also. nIn my opinion Office Depot is just as liable as Maxtor since the advertised price reflected the difference after rebates. nRogernFlorence, AlabamaU.S.A.

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