Another time share ripoff to report. We went yesterday to the Mayan Palace and went through the same presentation as several other members have reported, and unfortunately bought something called Vacation Privileges Tier 2. When we called the number for the company, Our Vacation Centre, it turned out to be RCI which had never been mentioned in the presentation and denied any knowlege of what we might have purchased. The sales team also offered to take two other timeshares off my hands as part of the purchase price but I became suspicious after I realized the contract for that was with a timeshares sales company in Florida which I suspect to be a listing company. In short, we succumbed to a very sophisticated sales pitch involving at least seven different people over a six hour period, after which we had been told so many different pitches by so many people we had no idea what we ostensibly purchased but are quite sure it is not what we were promised. We will be pursuing all avenues to rescind the purchase so will appreciate any assistance. Please send contact info for people who may be able to assist.

Puerto Vallarta, Other Mexico