I bought the below model about 1.5 years ago from Lowes for my son in WV. The symptoms are the light comes one, but it will not turn on. Initially the door would close, and now it will not. Somewhere in the sequence of trying to power it on, with the door opened the door was locked or ?? whatever would prevent it from closing.nAfter much research, and very similar problems we bought the interface or part 8 on the diagram. This did not resolve the problem. If there was an error code, it occurred only once in a flash when looking away and I am assuming it was a DL code.. I also read that if the door lock is locked while open,that it has to be replaced. So, would the interface not be able to be truly tested with the door in an open position and the door lock not functioning. The first part was $224 and the door lock is about $69. THere are no repairmen within almost an hour radius.. and most people caledl tell me they will never work on a Maytag or whirlpool. I have looked for recalls.. and since this company is not in the USA.. I am not sure how to file a complaint if necessary. so that they can possibly do a class action of some sort since it is so common a problem. This washer was over $1200.. and I can buy a washer for $400, the good old fashion kind. I hope this company gets behind these issues.. nIf there was any information available online.. .there should be a repair manual available online for techs to use. Mine needs a large picture of the parts and wiring for the older people who need large print. They should have a customer service number or a web-page with common problems and fixes for individuals, if they continue to make products that don’t last three years or have people to service them. nModel number MHWE450WW01nSERIAL NUMBER C500501443

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