Complaint: Mr. Eduardo Lopez son of the owner of McAllen Cold Storage, has been using his fathers facilities to do child pornography with 15-17 year old girls. I may or may not still work at McAllen cold storage but I would prefer to remain anonymous for the time being. I discovered his secret when I stayed in to work late one day and saw him sneaking in 3 girls into the facilities through one of the security cameras. I went to the storage room where I had seen them enter and saw him taking inappropriate photos of the girls. There was no way in hell any of these girls was 18. I immediately called the police and left the workplace as these people are very dangerous and known to have relationships with drug cartels in Mexico. Apparentely when the cops arrived they were unable to find anybody at the scene. I want to warn everybody and specially parents to warn your kids about this threat, specially Mr Eduardo Lopez if you live in McAllen. Also, do not support McAllen cold storage if you ever used their services, change companies.

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: 8101 S 23rd St, McAllen, Texas United States of America


Phone: 956-843-1004